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Meghan Mccain Breast

Meghan Mccain BreastEveryone remember when Jessica Valenti was roundly lambasted by, among others, Ann Althouse, for the dreaded offense of possession of mammary glands? Basically, Valenti was in a group picture, and she her pose apparently wasn't sufficiently chaste given the size of her cups for some internet denizens (from my perspective, she was just standing there. But what do I know?).

Now, it's Meghan McCain receiving a dose of this medicine. Ms. McCain posted a picture to her twitter account about her lazy night in -- reading a book and dressed in (gasp!) a tank-top! Which revealed (smelling salts, please) cleavage! After what CNN described as a "string of negative responses", McCain wrote dryly: "When I am alone in my apartment, I wear tank tops and sweat pants, I had no idea this makes me a slut."

McCain apparently has apologized, and I believe this whole thing has caused her to take down her twitter account entirely. It's a shame she felt compelled to apologize, and it's a shame she felt compelled to take down her account. People need to get a grip. Women have breasts. Some are large, some are small, but this idea that a) possessing them and b) not shrouding them in veils and mystery (or even standing the wrong way, in Ms. Valenti's case) is some sort of grave moral offense is just a ridiculous manifestation of contemporary sexism (and immaturity).

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  1. Meghan Mccain breasts twitter scandal photo watch here

    She is so stupid she does not understand why people dislike her. She is a tremendous example of the privilege that the idiot children of the rich receive

  2. If Megan McCain was trying to get more Twitter followers, this is definitely one effective way to do it